Virtual love and online dating site can turn into a serious psychological disease, if the stage of communication on the Internet too long. After that occurred, finally, the meeting is probably one of the partners does not want to continue the relationship, and another will have to get rid of already appeared feelings. In addition, because of the barren novel online, you risk to miss true love, which may have been with you very close in real life. Online dating site – a convenient field for fraudsters. Recall the sensational story of 2006. Then in Yoshkar-Ola have been convicted of two local people who offered to foreigners of Russian brides, posting online photos of celebrities. Under the name of the usual Russian woman, which allegedly wants to find love abroad, they placed the photo famous Russian woman Anastasia Volochkova. Ballerina interested citizen ofGermany. For visa processing, travel and other needs of the imaginary bride he generously listed her 28,480 euros. Of course, the money received crooks, no girl in Germany has not arrived, and deceived the groom went to the police. Such schemes are frequent. Having got acquainted on the Internet with a beautiful woman, who was eager to engage in relations with you before you give her any financial assistance, consider this: perhaps, for her beautiful photography hides insidious smile is not cute swindler. The problem of human trafficking – one of the most acute around the world. Women are particularly dangerous to communicate with the Internet marriage agencies. Leaving for Abroad Prince, carefully read any documents that you are asked to sign, sure to have a sufficient amount of money to return, do not go into debt, do not give a passport, review the family law of another country, and the marriage contract. There are more commonplace troubles. For example, you have already exchanged with a new friend with hundreds of letters, spoke about how, where and with whom you live, what fond, where he works. Your interlocutor has already managed to charm you, and now an appointment. You, of course, it will go. There is no doubt, like that at a specified time at home you will not … The result – a broken heart and robbery apartment. Remember: your address and home telephone number can be given only to trusted people in the real rather than virtual acquaintance. “Could it be that – you ask - online dating site do not lead to anything good?” It’s not quite true. There are many couples who are obliged by their appearance is a global network. We are only reminded of the precautions. Booked – forearmed! Now it’s about you, and therefore boldly go to the site and start recording. Meet, talk and let your life will change just for the better.

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